Industry Talks: Mila Robert on “EGOTRIP”, quarantine radio, and the importance of having your “why”

3. How do you feel about concerts and events going online?

4. You are almost ready with your debut album called “EGOTRIP.” The launch party was going to take place on 11/11, but with the current situation, it has, unfortunately, been postponed indefinitely. How do you feel about this? Is there a new plan for the release of “EGOTRIP”?

5. What do you want your audience to experience with “EGOTRIP”? What messages or feelings are you trying to convey with your work?

6. What music have you been listening to on repeat during this quarantine?

7. When all this is over, what is the first thing you’d like to do?

8. As one of our early Evedo adopters, you are listed as an entertainer on our B2B platform. What is your motivation to be there?

9. What is some advice you can give to other young people who are pursuing a career in the arts? Can you share some lessons you’ve learned as someone who has been studying and practicing not only music but also other mediums (photography, acting, painting) for more than a decade now?



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